senyuman, tangisan, coretan liku kehidupan.. sekadar mencari ruang yang sempit untuk berkongsi cerita.
insan yang tidak sempurna tapi disempurnakan oleh kamu.

tentera-tentera ku.. :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Once again today,
 my memories cause me to lose my way
Then at the end of the road, i get up slowly
I cant see you anymore 
but you still have me in you grasp
So once again i ask for directions for the way
I want to see you, i want to hold you
I pray to the heaven  for you
It cant be anyone but you
I cannot be without you
Whether its a day, a month, or a year
Even if i hurt, its alright
Even if my heart break, its okay
Since i love only you

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